About Us / History

Benoist Bros. Supply Co. was established in Mt. Vernon, Illinois 90 years ago in 1928 First Benoist Catalog by three brothers: Ray, Roy and Charlie Benoist. In its early years, the company built and sold coal furnaces. Through a series of stock buy-outs and buy-backs, the company now has two stockholders: Jack G. Benoist and his father Albert E. (Bud) Benoist. Bud Benoist is the son of Charlie Benoist, one of the company's founders.

Geographic Expansion
Mt. Vernon, IL 1928
Jackson, MO 1987
Belleville, IL 1989
Evansville, IN 1991
St. Louis, MO 1993
Owensboro, KY 1995
Union City, TN 1999
Paducah, KY 2003
Springfield, IL 2006
Branch Name, MO 2012

For many years the company operated as a local distributor of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment and supplies to dealers in the Southern Illinois area.

In 1987, the company began an aggressive growth strategy. The second branch was opened in 1987 in Cape Girardeau, MO (now located in Jackson, MO). Since that time the company has continued this tremendous growth via geographic expansion.

Benoist Bros. has evolved into a well-established, full service company specializing in the heating and air conditioning wholesale business. There are now 9 convenient locations in a five state area. The management team at Benoist Bros. has over 400 years of HVAC experience and believes that excellence in customer service is our number one goal. The Benoist Bros. sales team has the expertise and knowledge to help Benoist Warehouse you meet your needs for all heating and air conditioning products. Experienced employees provide assistance in a fast and friendly manner.

Benoist Warehouse

Large inventories are maintained in each of our warehouses. With a fleet of trucks, Benoist Bros. will deliver promptly to meet all of your HVAC needs. Modern facilities with computerized equipment provide fast and accurate service for ordering needs. Engineering expertise is available for facility layout and planning.

You can obtain products that meet all of your needs at any of the Benoist Bros. convenient branch locations!